Root Beer Floats Any Way We Can Get Them

Man, we love Root Beer Floats and we’ll take them any way we can get them! In celebration of National Root Beer Day, we present our favorite RBF alternatives.

"root beer float cupcakes" "root beer" Root Beer Float Cupcakes via Baking Bites








"root beer float popsicles" "root beer"Pink Pistachio’s Root Beer Float Popsicles








"drunken root beer floats" "root beer"Cheers to Corey Marie for these Drunken Root Beer Floats!









"root beer pie" "root beer" Root Beer Float Pie via Point-less Meals






"root beer float brownies" "root beer"Cookie & Cups combines two classics, Root Beer Float Brownies






Of course, we love the ultimate and classic too!

"root beer float" "root beer"Root Beer Float

2 scoops vanilla bean ice cream

8 ounces root beer

Scoop ice cream into a glass, pour root beer over, and enjoy!





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