National Stress Awareness Month

"stress awareness"

We all know stress is bad for our health, but we all deal with some kind of stress on a daily basis. Our job at Treat a Day is to help you de-stress and be happy!

April is National Stress Awareness month and if you’ve been too busy to know about this important month, we’re here to help.



"stress awareness"


Just take a look at the harm stress can bring to your body from Daily Infographic.








Design Taxi shares some important facts and figures stress.
Is Stress Killing You?



"stress awareness"


Now that we know the bad stuff, here are some simple ways to de-stress! Body Fit Coach, Stress Less.


Treat yourself today.  It’s the weekend after all!







  1. [...] Whew, time to breath a sigh of relief, taxes are finally done and over with for another year. We think there might be a coincidence in the fact that taxes are in April and April is also National Stress Awareness Month. [...]

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