How to Celebrate Delectable Cheesecake Day

Happy National Cheesecake Day! We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to splurge on this delectable treat. After all, on “holidays” calories don’t count!

"the ultimate cheesecake" cheesecakeWe start with Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, hands down the ultimate cheesecake.








"carrot cake cheesecake" cheesecakeDiva Eats Italia combines two of our favorite treats, carrot cake AND cheesecake!










"cheesecake brownie bites" cheesecakeWho can resist Just a Taste‘s cheesecake brownies? Bonus, they’re bite sized, so you can have more than one!








"cheesecake stuffed strawberries" cheesecake strawberriesZiplist‘s Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries are a treat and part of the 5 food groups. Hey, you have to get in your daily fruit servings somehow!








"chocolate covered cheesecake bites"Last, but certainly not least, these chocolate covered cheesecake bites via Tablespoon are simply divine. Cheesecake is a fabulous treat, cover it in chocolate, oh my!





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