Honey Crisp Apples

You know it’s officially Fall when Honey Crisp Apples make their annual debut in grocery stores. There is something about these Fall apples.  They’re tart, sweet, and extra delicious! Of course these yummy apples are tasty on their own, but even better in these Fall treats!

"honey crisp apple" sangria Fall appleLive Love Pasta’s Honeycrisp Apple Sangria






"honey crisp apple" apple bread Fall


Mini Caramel-Glazed Honey Crisp Apple Bread via Culinary Concoctions by Peabody








"honey crisp apple" charlotte apple Fall


Three to One is obsessed with this Apple Charlotte and we might be too!








"honey crisp apple" apple crumb cake Fall


We love treats that are perfect for breakfast or dessert, especially Daydreamer Desserts’ Honey Crisp Apple Crumb Coffee Cake!






"honey crisp apple" apple spiced rum FallRunning with Tweezers’ Honeycrisp Apple Spiced Rum






You know what they say, an apple a day!





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