Foodies rejoice! It’s National Bacon Day!

Bacon, an American tradition. People tend to have strong opinions when it comes to this pig-sourced delicacy. But love it or hate it, bacon has found a sweet spot in our hearts (read: stomachs). This cured meat has moved far beyond its beginnings as a mere breakfast accessory, and now finds itself cut into a variety of culinary concoctions like Nutella & bacon cupcakes, bourbon soaked bacon, bacon wrapped jalapenos…the creative possibilities are never-ending. To celebrate an entire day devoted to bacon, here’s our roundup of the best unexpected bacon treats.

"bacon candy" bacon candyBacon “Candy” {Brown Sugar, Cayenne Pepper and Hickory Smoked Bacon}




"bacon smores" bacon smores


Bacon S’mores




"bacon cinnamon rolls" bacon "cinnamon rolls"


Bacon Cinnamon Rolls







"maple bacon syrup" bacon syrup mapleEven Smucker’s has joined the bacon game with their new “Maple Bacon” flavored syrup




Need more bacon? There’s a website for that: Bacon Today


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