Elvis Sandwich Treats


By Tim Keith

ElvisWhen you think of Elvis Presley there are many things that come to mind. Elvis singing Hound Dog on the Ed Sullivan show or doing karate moves in his Las Vegas jumpsuit years.

When I think of Elvis I think of food. The man liked to eat! Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi and was a big fan of traditional southern cooking. Some of his favorite dishes were Sweet Potato Pie, Fried Catfish, Bread Pudding, Biscuits and gravy, Memphis Style BBQ and much more.

Elvis’s eating habits were legendary. Elvis used to fire up his private jet, named the Lisa Marie and fly all over the nation to have food brought out to the runway and then fly back to Graceland. Of all the food that Elvis ate there are really two sandwiches that come to mind and yes they are both Treats!

"fools gold loaf" ElvisFool’s Gold Loaf.

What is a Fool’s Gold Loaf? It’s a loaf of Italian bread. You slice the loaf lengthwise and hollow it out a little. Take 2 or 4 tablespoons of butter and smear all over the bread and warm in the oven for about 10 or 15 minutes. At the same time you should be cooking a package of thick slice bacon. When the bread is warm and the butter is melted take a jar of peanut butter and spread on one side. Then take a jar of grape jelly and spread on the other side. Your bacon should be done by now, quickly pad off the grease with a paper towel and place the still warm bacon on each side and close the sandwich tight and your ready to go. Should look like this. MMMMM.

"fools gold sandwich" ElvisElvis was crazy about the sandwiches. It was first created by the Colorado Mine Company, a restaurant in Denver. Once after a crime prevention meeting in Memphis Elvis took 2 members of the police squad on his plane to Denver to get Fool’s Gold Loaf sandwiches. They arrived at 1:40 in the morning and had 22 Fool’s Gold Loaf sandwiches delivered to the Denver airport hangar where they ate for 3 hours before heading back!

"peanut butter bacon banana sandwich" Elvis

The other sandwich which Elvis made famous is the Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon sandwich which is sometimes called “The Elvis”.

This is a very popular sandwich in the south. It’s a pretty simple sandwich as well.

You toast two pieces of white bread, and spread peanut butter on each side. Place sliced banana on one side of the bread. Fry up several slices of bacon in a pan. Elvis favorite brand was King Cotton Brand bacon. This was thick slice bacon that is not made any longer but Wright Brand bacon is very similar. When the bacon is finished, pad dry off the grease and place on the sandwich and enjoy! If you like toasted, sweet and salty then you need to try this sandwich treat at least once and see why Elvis like it so much! Variations include adding a little bit of honey to the sandwich as well. You can also fry the banana for just a bit in the bacon grease. That’s what I like to do. Then you have a peanut butter, friend banana and bacon sandwich.

"fried peanut butter and bacon" ElvisThese are not low fat or healthy sandwiches by any stretch of the imagination. These are some of the unhealthiest sandwiches you can make but Elvis loved them! And I think that they are okay every once in a while. I personally love Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon sandwiches!

They are a perfect southern, Elvis sandwich treat!







Tim Keith is our resident BBQ expert. You can follow Tim @TKsBBQ and visit his website  tksbbq.com. Tim Keith is a Texas native who makes his home in Fort Worth with his wife and two kids. He grew up in East Texas, played football at the University of Missouri, and is a lifelong fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Mavericks.


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