Candy Corn Treats

Another treat we look forward to in the Fall is candy corn. How can one resist those sweet little morsels? This time of year we always keep our candy dish full of the yummy white, yellow, and orange treats.  This Fall we are taking this tasty little treat to a whole new level!

"candy corn cookie bars" "candy corn" FallEven the traditional M&Ms and Oreos have transformed into candy corn flavors this Fall. We can’t wait to try them in Love From the Oven’s White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookie Bars!




"candy corn milkshake"  "candy corn" Fall


Mel’s Kitchen Cafe’s Candy Corn Milkshakes.







"candy corn bark" "candy corn" Fall




Candy Corn Bark from Boo Turtle.




"candy corn waffles" "candy corn" FallWe love dessert for breakfast, especially Candy Corn Waffles via Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM!









The best for last, a couple candy corn treats for those 21 and older!

"candy corn cocktail" "candy corn" FallHostess with the Mostess’ Candy Cane Cocktail.









Candy Corn Martini a la Fashionably Bombed.









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